Visiting Scholar: Matteo Pergolesi

We would like to say thank you and goodbye to Matteo, who will complete his visiting scholarship at the Frankfurt Big Data Lab, at the end of April.

„It is a pleasure having you with us.“



Matteo Pergolesi

“ I’m a PhD student from Perugia (Italy) and I spent five months at the Frankfurt Big Data Lab thanks to the Erasmus+ Programme. During my stay I grew up both professionally and personally. 

The welcome was incredibly warm and since the first days I felt like I was part of the team. I feel like I learned a lot from everybody on how to work in academic research.

Furthermore I had the chance to experience the exciting environment of tech industries and startups in Frankfurt by participating to seminars and other events at the University and at startups.

Finally, I got to know German culture as well as many others, since here you can meet people from everywhere.

I’m looking forward to come back as soon as possible.”