Successfully completed two-days workshop of the LeMO H2020 project.



We have successfully completed the first two-days workshop „Setting the Stage on in “ of the project which was held at Frankfurt Big Data Lab from 22-23 January 2018.

Transport researchers and policy makers today face several challenges as they work to build efficient, safe, and sustainable transportation systems. From rising congestion to growing demand for public transit, the travel behaviour and transportation preferences of  city dwellers are changing fast.

Leveraging Big Data to Manage Transport Operations (LeMO) project addresses these issues by investigating the implications of the utilisation of Big Data to enhance the economic sustainability and competitiveness of European transport sector.  The project studies and analyses Big Data in the European transport domain in particular with respect to five transport dimensions: mode, sector, technology, policy and evaluation. LeMO will accomplish this by conducting a series of case studies, in order to provide recommendations on the prerequisites of effective big data implementation in the transport field.

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