Call for Papers – CAA2019

For the Session „Recent Developments in Digital Numismatics – Breaking down barriers“  at CAA2019 in Krakow. The call for papers is open until October 10th 2018. Please find the session abstract below.
You can submit a proposal on the CAA Website:

S20: Recent Developments in Digital Numismatics – Breaking down barriers

Numismatics has seen significant advances in the digital sphere in recent years. Whereas initially computer applications were mainly restricted to statistical analysis and modelling (e.g. estimating the size of coin issues, or the analysis of coin finds), and recording collections or inventories of coin finds in stand-alone databases, the discipline has very much embraced the manifold possibilities that technical advances in the last decade have offered.

In particular, the nature of coins as mass-produced, serial objects with relatively standardised core data mean that with projects such as numismatics is very much at the forefront of the development of the application of Linked Open Data and the Semantic Web in the Digital Humanities. Other fields which have seen intense activity include the application of 3D-modelling as a means of documenting and presenting coins (the digital replacing the long-standing analogue practice of 3D-documentation with plaster casts), and of image recognition, not just for the automatic identification and classification of individual coins but, for example, also as a means of automatically identifying objects in the fight against the illegal trade in coins (e.g. the FP6 project, COINS: Combat on-line illegal numismatic sales).

The aim of the session is to present examples of recent work and advances in Digital Numismatics. In the past numismatics has often been seen as an isolated discipline with little (interest in) interaction with other fields. Therefore the session will place a particular emphasis on examining how the lessons learned from the various numismatic projects can be applied to other areas of the Digital Humanities, and how Digital Numismatics can be better integrated into the broader field of archaeology as a whole.

The session will take the form of a series of short presentations (c. 5 minutes), followed by a moderated discussion. Presentations are particularly invited from non-numismatic domain experts with a view to also examining what lessons numismatics can learn from the experience of those working in other fields.


• Ethan Gruber, American Numismatic Society
• Karsten Tolle, University of Frankfurt
• David Wigg-Wolf, Römisch-Germanische Kommission des Deutschen Archäologischen Instituts