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29.10.2014 :  Group assignment has been done. Please arrange in person with the course lecturer for a first meeting.

21.10.2014 :  The group response form is now online. Please click here to access it and register your group. Remember the deadline on Friday for registering your group with Dr. Korfiatis.

25.09.2014: Due to increased interest, a priority list will be created. Please fill the course attendance form here


*The course will be offered as a block seminar : 6 hours per week*

The course will start on the 15th of October and will run as a block seminar with 4 hours of lecture and 2 hours of exercises every week  (Wednesday , Thursday and Friday) untill the end of November. See schedule plan bellow for details.

There will be a final deliverable report and 3 intermediate reports. The project deliverable should contain the evaluation of a web business including technological and financial issues. Support will be provided to the teams on an individual basis. In addition the students should provide a written assignment on 3 selected cases studies (will be distributed in the class), not excluding 5 pages each.

The course will be completed by the end of November. The students will have all the time to prepare and deliver the interim case studies (Deadline 15.12.2014) and  then deliver the final report on their web business by 16.01.2015. 

********Please Note that the report on the case studies is mandatory and failing to deliver it would mean failure on the final project deliverable on the individual basis************

Languange: English. You are allowed to submit your project report in German too (Please arrange with Dr. Korfiatis in advance)

Assignment: PT1; old: P1, Bachelor/Master: B-WB, M-WB

Lesson: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 16:00 – 18:00, Start on 15.10.2014 , see program bellow for specific dates.

Building: Robert-Mayer-Str. 10,  60325 Frankfurt

Room: Robert-Mayer-Str. 10, Room 612 (Abteilung EDV Prof. Dr. Kromker)

Exercise: Thursdays 16:00 – 18:00 in Robert-Mayer-Str. 10, Room 612.

Field of Study


INF-MSc-INCO ab 1 (ECTS-Credits: 6)

INF-MSc-CoSS ab 1 (ECTS-Credits: 6)

INF-D ab 5

Requirements / Organisation

Modul B-PRG or modul B-HW or both modules B-MOD and B-DS passed.

Understanding and reading English is mandatory.

Assignments: Deliver the 5 page report for each of the 3 case studies given by the lecturer.

Exam: Project in groups of 3 students. Examination will consist of the evaluation of the project. This includes a report and an oral presentation.

Language: English, English lecture notes, articles and books.

Category: Computer science/informatics, and economy/organization and informatics.


The main goal of the course is to enable students to learn the basic principles for creating a new Web start up company, and/or introducing new E-service on the Web, for an existing organization. The course will first introduce the basic principles of business valid for both an off line and on line business, such as: Definition of a Business Plan, Definition of Business Models, Market Analysis, Strategic planning, Marketing channels, and Principles of Finance.

The course will then focus on the introduction and positioning of analytics and big data business models on the Web and enterprise. The course will give guidelines on how to create, design, promote, and evaluate Analytics E-services based on different business models. Several cases studies of companies operating on the Web with massive ammounts of data will be presented and compared, such as Google, Skype, Amazon, E-Bay, etc.

There is a one term group project to deliver, that is related to a Web business idea:

  • a low fidelity prototype of the Analytics E-Service itself
  • a business execution plan containing the business model and value proposition, finance program, implementation plans, promotion and dissemination plans, customer-relationships plans, etc.

The course is running in cooperation with the Frankfurt Big Data Laboratory.  During the course a set of invited guests from companies involved in Big Data and Analytics will present their experience on the analytics landscape. Students interested to do research work with the lab are encouraged to talk with the course organizers.

Recommended Literature

Literature for the lesson will be given on the course Website. Some will be recommended during the lesson.

Slides for the lesson: see Website under: Lecture Notes!

Website: http://www.dbis.informatik.uni-frankfurt.de/teaching/e-bmw

Course Schedule and Lecture notes

Please note that the course will run as a block seminar.

Session Lesson Content  Session Date Exercise Content Exercise Date Assignment (Deadlines)
1 Frameworks I 15.10.2014
2 Frameworks II 17.10.2014 E-Business Plan IE-Business Plan II  22.10.2014
3 Business Models I 23.10.2014 Basics on Micro Economics  24.10.2014  Registration date for Teams and business plan topic
4 Business Models II 29.10.2014 Basics on Accounting  30.10.2014
5 Market Analysis 31.10.2014 Market Analysis  05.11.2014
6 Project presentations I 06.11.2014 Case Studies 07.11.2014
7  – Search Engines I  12.11.2014
8 Project presentations II 13.11.2014 Search Engines II  E-Auctions  14.11.2014
9 Online Metrics 19.11.2014  Feedback on Students BPs  26.11.2014
10 Basics on Marketing 20.11.2014  15.12.2015  3 Individual Reports on the case studies
11 Channel Conflict 21.11.2014 16.01.2015 Project Report Delivery (by email)
 –  Oral Project Exam Session 1  29.01.2015  Oral Project Exam Session 2  30.01.2015