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Data Sets

Machine Learning Repository 313 Data Sets http://archive.ics.uci.edu/ml/datasets.html
KDnuggetes http://www.kdnuggets.com/datasets/index.html
R data sets 758 datasets that were originally distributed with R http://vincentarelbundock.github.io/Rdatasets/datasets.html
Open knowledge http://data.okfn.org/data


Data by global organization

UN https://data.un.org/Default.aspx
WHO http://www.who.int/en/
OECD https://data.oecd.org/
Stockholm international peace research institute http://www.sipri.org/databases
IMF http://www.imf.org/external/data.htm


Data by German government

Statistisches Bundesamt https://www-genesis.destatis.de/genesis/online
Data portal for Deutschland https://www.govdata.de/
Another data portal for Deutschland https://offenedaten.de/
BMBF’s Data Portal http://www.bmbf.de/
33 data sets about Frankfurt http://www.offenedaten.frankfurt.de/dataset


Image data repository

handwritten digits http://yann.lecun.com/exdb/mnist/
14,197,122 images, 21841 synsets indexed http://image-net.org/
103 patients of ADHD http://www.nitrc.org/ir/app/template/Index.vm


Data from competitions

Kaggle https://www.kaggle.com/competitions
Drivendata http://www.drivendata.org/competitions/



GPS data (2,770,233,904 points for 7.5 years) http://planet.osm.org/gps/
statista http://www.statista.com/


Articles, Blog Posts Description
Big Data Reading Materials List of academic papers, reports and links of materials on Big Data and related topics.
Big Data For Good.  Roger Barca, Laura Haas, Alon Halevy, Paul Miller, Roberto V. Zicari. (2012). A distinguished panel of experts discuss how Big Data can be used to create Social Capital. Blog Panel (PDF)
 The challenges and opportunities of big data by Prof. Roberto V. Zicari, Goethe University Frankfurt, Eurescom Newsletter, 2013.
Big Data:Research Challenges and Opportunities. by Prof. Roberto V. Zicari EDBT-Summer School — August, 2013 (PDF)
Big Data: Challenges and Opportunities by Roberto V. Zicari. (2012), GOTO Aarhus 2012

Presentation (89 pages)-  PDF & Video

Abstract: In this presentation I review three current aspects related to Big Data:

1. The business perspective,
2. The Technology perspective, and
3. Big Data for social good.

ODBMS Industry Watch Blog Posts on Big Data  by Roberto V. Zicari Resources on Big Data and Analytical Data Platforms
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