Bringing Inclusion to the City.

The aim of the Bringing Inclusion to the City project is to use data to help mid-and long term inclusion in the host society for refugees.

The project is focused initially for the city of Frankfurt.



We do not aim to use personal data of the refugees, but rather data that is available in the context and part of the processes where refugees are in Frankfurt.

Several stakeholders are involved, ranging from NGOs, to government organizations, to individual volunteers, to name a few.

We will explore the question if and how data can be used to create:

— A set of Data Products to help mid-and long term inclusion in the city of Frankfurt for refugees.

— Derived Insights that can be used to do better qualified decisions by the relevant stakeholders who are responsible for the process of inclusion of refugees in the city of Frankfurt.


Main innovations (in the context of Urban setting): 

  • The definition of the City as a Learning Community (based on self-directed learning SDL).
  • The creation of a Data Forum for Citizens (based on a recommendation system, chat bot, gamification).


Role of People

No automatic process will ever replace people. This is particularly true in this project. We will seek during the implementation of this project the involvement of as many as possible relevant stakeholders who will eventually make the final decisions.


Privacy and Ethical Principles

We will respect data privacy and follow strict ethical code of conduct and principles, remembering that data is about people.


Expected outcome

We aim to demonstrate that is feasible by using available data to help, support and possibly guide the process of inclusion for refugees in the city of Frankfurt.


Organizations involved

Contact Person: Concha Sanchez-Ocaña, Project Manager.


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