Ethical Implications of AI


AI Tools lab (DBMS-Praktikum)

Note:  Please note that the lessons on Ethical Implications of AI and the AI Tools Laboratory (DBMS Praktikum) can be taken separately or both. (Registration is required) Deadline for registration is Monday, April 20, 2020!

Course Ethical Implications of AI will be remote, and start on April 22 at 2pm (Berlin time- CET) via Zoom For all people who registered, prior to each lecture, you will receive by e-mail a link to join the Zoom video call.

Time: Wednesday and Thursday from 14:00  to 16:00 (Berlin time- CET)

Location: remote Zoom video call (link will by send by e-mail prior to each lecture).

Language: The language of the lectures is English  

Credit Points: Students can receive 6 CPs. Link in QIS/LFS

Module names: DC, M-DS-ADS, B-WB, M-WB, PoE, M-SIW-I1A, M-SIW-I1B

Eligibility: Bachelor Students, Master Students, and PhD students across multiple disciplines are encouraged to attend. – Open to all interested people. – No fee required.

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AI Tools Lab start/end: Tuesday, 28.04.2020 to Tuesday, 16.06.2020

Time: Tuesday 10:00 – 12:00 (Berlin time- CET)

Location: remote via Zoom (link will by send after registration)

Languages: The languages of the lab are English and German.

Credit Points: Students can receive 8 CPs. Link in QIS/LFS


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Ethical Implications of AI and AI Tools Lab: Schedule

Date Topic Materials
22.04.2020 The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence (AI) 
(Prof. Roberto V. Zicari)
 [slides] [video]
23.04.2020  The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence (AI)
(Dr. Emmanuel Goffi)
 [slides] [video]
28.04.2020 AI Tools Lab  [slides]
29.04.2020 Ethics, Moral Values, Humankind, Technology, AI Examples.
(Prof. Rafael A. Calvo)
 [slides] [video]
30.04.2020  Ethics, Moral Values, Humankind, Technology, AI Examples.
(Dr. Emmanuel Goffi)
 [slides] [video]
05.05.2020  AI Tools Lab  [slides]
06.05.2020 On the ethics of algorithmic decision-making in healthcare
(Dr. Thomas Grote)
07.05.2020 Fairness, Bias and Discrimination in AI 
(Prof. Gemma Roig)
[slides] [video]
 12.05.2020  AI Tools Lab
 13.05.2020 AI and Trust: Explainability, Transparency
(Prof. Dragutin Petkovic)
[slides] [video p1] [video p2] [Q&A]
 14.05.2020 AI Privacy, Responsibility, Accountability, Safety and Human-in the loop
(Dr. Magnus Westerlund)
[slides] [video]
 19.05.2020  AI Tools Lab
 20.05.2020 Trustworthy AI: A Human-Centred Perspective
(Dr. Christopher Burr)
 [slides] [video]
 26.05.2020  AI Tools Lab
 27.05.2020 Introduction to Z-inspection. A framework to assess Ethical AI
(Prof. Roberto V. Zicari)
 [slides] [video]
 28.05.2020 Emerging Rules on Artificial Intelligence:
Trojan Horses of Ethics in the Realm of Law?

(Prof. Florian Möslein)
 [slides] [video]
 02.06.2020  AI Tools Lab
 03.06.2020 AI Fairness and AI Explainability software tools
(Romeo Kienzler)
[slides] [video]
Design of Ethics Tools for AI Developers
(Dr. Carl-Maria Mörch)
 [slides] [video]
 09.06.2020  AI Tools Lab
10.06.2020 Opinion of the German Data Ethics Commission
(Prof. Christiane Wendehorst)
[slides] [video]
16.06.2020 AI Tools Lab
17.06.2020 Increasing Trust in AI
(Dr. Michael Hind)
[slides] [video]
18.06.2020 Assessing AI use cases. Ethical tensions, Trade offs.
(Dr. Estella Hebert)
[slides] [video]