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Datenbank Praktikum - Big Data (WS 2017)

Hands-on Lab – Big Data Technologies

Lecturers: Prof. Dott. Ing. Roberto V. ZicariTodor Ivanov and Kim Hee

Contact person: Todor Ivanov  ( todor@dbis.cs.uni-frankfurt.de)

Course start/end:  Monday, 23.10.2017 to Monday, 05.02.2018

Time and Location: Monday 14:00 – 16:00, Room SR9

Languages: The languages of the lab are English and German.

Credit Points: Students can receive 8 CPs. Link in QIS/LFS

Registration: You have to register in the form below. Deadline for registration is 19.10.2017 (10:00 am).

Course Schedule (preliminary)

Date Topic Lab Materials
23.10.2017 Course Organization,Introduction to Big Data & Data Science  
30.10.2017 Overview of the Big Data Architectures

  1. Big Data Fundamentals
  2. Hadoop Fundamentals I
  3. MapReduce and YARN
  4. Using HBase for Real-time Access to your Big Data
06.11.2017  Introduction to HDFS, YARN and Sqoop
13.11.2017 Hive, Impala, File Formats (Avro and Parquet), Hive Partitioning, Flume

  1. Accessing Hadoop Data Using Hive
  2. SQL Access for Hadoop
20.11.2017 Python + Data Science and Spark Basics

  1. Applied Data Science with Python
27.11.2017  Big Data & Data Science Tools
04.12.2017 Big Data & Data Science Tools
11.12.2017 Big Data & Data Science Tools
18.12.2017 Project Assignment in Teams
08.01.2018 Project Assignment Implementation
15.01.2018 Project Assignment Implementation
22.01.2018 Project Assignment Implementation
29.01.2018 Project Assignment Implementation
05.02.2018  Final Project Presentatoins


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