Datenbank Praktikum – Big Data (S2019)

Hands-on Lab – Big Data Technologies

Lecturers: Prof. Dott. Ing. Roberto V. ZicariTodor Ivanov and Timo Eichhorn

Contact person: Todor Ivanov  (

Course start/end:  Tuesday, 23.04.2019 to Tuesday, 16.07.2019

Time and Location: Tuesday 10:00 – 12:00, Room RM10-711

Languages: The languages of the lab are English and German.

Credit Points: Students can receive 8 CPs. Link in QIS/LFS

Registration: You have to register in the form below. Deadline for registration is 15.04.2019 (10:00 am).

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Course Schedule (preliminary)

Date Topic Lab Materials
23.04.2019 Course Organization, Introduction to Big Data & Data Science [wpdm_package id=’19243′][wpdm_package id=’19245′]
30.04.2019 Phase 1: Tool Installation and Understanding [wpdm_package id=’19221′]
07.05.2019 [wpdm_package id=’19226′][wpdm_package id=’19224′]
14.05.2019 [wpdm_package id=’19237′][wpdm_package id=’19230′]
21.05.2019 [wpdm_package id=’19240′][wpdm_package id=’19232′]
28.05.2019 Intermediate Presentations (Tool Demos)
04.06.2019  Phase 2: Use Case Implementation using real Dataset [wpdm_package id=’19305′]
11.06.2019  [wpdm_package id=’19326′]
25.06.2019 Fällt aus!
09.07.2019 [wpdm_package id=’19366′]
15.07.2019 Final Project Presentations Part 1 @ DBahn
16.07.2019   Final Project Presentations Part 2


Additional Materials


Books & Papers