Datenbank Praktikum – Big Data (WS 2015/16)

Hands-on Lab – Applying Big Data Technologies

Lecturers: Prof. Dott. Ing. Roberto V. Zicari and Todor Ivanov

Course start/end:  Monday, 26.10.2015 to Monday, 08.02.2016

Time and Location: Monday 11:15 – 12:45, Room SR 612

Languages: The languages of the lecture are English and German.

Credit Points: Students can receive 8 CPs. Link in QIS/LFS

Registration: You have to register for the lab in OLAT. Deadline for registration is 18.10.2015.

Course Schedule (preliminary)

Date Topic Lab Materials
26.10.2015 [wpdm_package id=’13686′]
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02.11.2015 & 09.11.2015  [wpdm_package id=’13866′]

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16.11.2015 [wpdm_package id=’14225′]
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23.11.2015 [wpdm_package id=’14405′]
30.11.2015 [wpdm_package id=’14588′][wpdm_package id=’14514′]

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07.12.2015 [wpdm_package id=’14704′]
14.12.2015 [wpdm_package id=’14714′] [wpdm_package id=’14701′]
11.01.2016  Discussion & Questions
18.01.2016 Spark Demo
25.01.2016 Discussion & Questions
01.02.2016 Discussion & Questions
08.02.2016 Student Presentations Start at 09:00 in Room SR 612. Each team should present his project assignment  in  20 minutes presentation.


Additional Materials


Books & Papers